Monday August 13, 2012


A. Squat Clean + 2 Thruster

B. 5 Rounds For Time
    10 Renegade Row+Push-Up
    20 Sit-ups
    30 Squats

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Melisa C said...

A. Just SQ Clean - 73

B. 14.30 with 35lb DBs

MykeD said...

A: Just practice -wasn't feeling it today.
B: 21:56 w/45Lb DBs

Kat =(^.^)= said...

Last WOD for 10 days :-) and what a doozy!

A: 53 (I did 55 but no one witnessed it :-(

B: 16:04 w 30lbs DB. Going to feel that one tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

A 50 squat clean only due to shoulder

B 19:22 w/20 and 25 oh my that sucked. In the bright side I have no upper body strength and this had to of helped. Lol

@kat have a great time!

ASh said...

A. Prac
B. 18:25 with 30lb

BryanJB said...

A) Practice

B) 16:58 w/40lb DB

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