Monday July 2, 2012

 **Check the Schedule Page for Canada Day hours**


10 rounds of 145sec on/35sec off:
145 Burpees
145 Wall Ball
Max DUs

Each round is 145secs with 35sec rest. Complete as many reps as possible in each round, you do not move to the next movement until you have completed the previous movement. 
Your score is the number of DUs completed.

Libby DiBiase - Why I CrossFit


Josh G said...

That WOD was 30 minutes of the most suffering I have ever done @ this box. I should have done yesterday's WOD a second day in a row instead. Ugh. Just ugh.

ASh said...

what was it?

K-Mart said...

136 DU

Abso-fucking-lutely brutal. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO OLD, CANADA?!?!

Conversely, the nap I took afterwards was one of the best naps I've taken in a while. Could have stayed in bed until tomorrow morning.

Charles LeBelle said...

fuckin' 25lbs slam ball. Took in the face twice... ugh.

BryanJB said...

@Amanda, the WOD was:
10 rounds of 145 seconds of work and 35 seconds of rest. During the work time you had to complete the tasks below in order. Your score was the number of DU you got done in the time left after tasks 1 and 2.

Task 1: 145 burpees, Task 2: 145 wall ball, task 3: DU.

200 DU

Melisa C said...

301 DUs - not fun!!!

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